Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First job in the package delivery industry with Ups!!!

First job in the package delivery industry with Ups!!!
Your first job in the package delivery industry with Ups is the best job ever!!! UPS, or United Parcel Service, is currently looking for entry-level positions and other professional career openings with the company. Ups has staff jobs in many of there national and international distribution centers. Brown also has jobs available in their UPS Store outlets found nation wide for your package delivery convenience.

. UPS provides delivery services all over the world which is similar to the United States Postal Service. The big brown machine has expanded its demographic base by opening a large chain of UPS retail stores that offer a variety of goods and shipping services targeted at consumers who like to ship packages often.

You must be at least 18 years old to fill out and turn in the United Parcel Service job application. UPS employment opportunities are also available on line. Feel free to do your research on BROWN and ask your self what BROWN (AKA UPS) can do for your job choices and perhaps career dreams in the shipping industry. You may apply online to locate your closest United Parcel Service store or distribution center for regardless of the economic conditions in our current day and age…Brown is hiring employees near you now.

UPS is hiring entry level associates to fill these delivery positions with in the company:

Sales Associate - Sales associates primarily work in The UPS Store. Sales associate job responsibilities include: customer service and customer sales assistance, copying documents, inventory, printing, and more retail print and shipping duties as assigned by the UPS store manager. Depending on the experience and store location, customer associates usually make around $9 to $10 an hour.

Package Handler - Package handlers are the true back bone and blood of the company. In fact, with out them the company would not exist in any shape or fashion. They are called loaders, and you will usually find them working in UPS shipping and distribution centers.

UPS handlers must ensure that all of the packages which are loaded onto the brown delivery trucks are stacked properly and arrive in the designated delivery destination..  As a loader or handler you will typically earn pay scales between $10 and $12 per hour to start, and of course this depends on your job title, work location, and your specific job description at work.

Driver / Courier - UPS drivers and couriers perform their respected job duties and other responsibilities on the open road. Of course you need to have a commercial driver’s license and a spotless driving record. The drivers deliver from both locations - UPS Store locations and UPS distribution centers.

 Drivers and couriers must assure that packages arrive in a timely fashion to the correct and designated delivery address. These workers hourly pay rates range between $12 and $30 to start. This pay rate will also depend on your UPS employment location, job title at UPS, and believe it or not the size of the UPS brown truck that you will be driving if you qualify for the position.

UPS Jobs for Drivers

Management – UPS company managers cover head and assistant managers as well as other supervisory positions at both UPS stores and Brown distribution centers. Supervisors track, monitor and make sure that the delivery service operates smoothly.

They also oversee company associates, hire new applicants, and schedule work hours for employees.

As manager your starting yearly salary will range between $36,000 and $70,000…again this depends on location, previous managerial experience, and company job title.

United Parcel Service employees take advantage of their company job benefits with respect to flexible work hours, industry based-competitive pay, and paid job training for professional development and job promotions prioritized within the company.

As an eligible associate you may have access to other work benefits, such as paid time off, 401(k) retirement accounts, healthcare and other insurance options, and numerous other perks that you will benefit from. To find a The UPS Store location or a shipping center hiring workers near you now, go to the official UPS web site and start your online UPS employment application process.

If you are on the fence take a closer look at the ups applicant benefits package one more time on line or visit a local UPS operation and ask to speak with a human resources representative for the answers to your UPS questions?

Guys, if you are looking for a job or a career change in a totally different direction then look to UPS for a competitive salary and quality job benefits with in a trusted made in America Company. Turn in your UPS Store application form today.

UPS will provide you with quality pay and work benefits close to home in your delivery area. A career with Brown awaits you all you have to do is fill out the UPS employment application now. Begin the United Parcel Service job application today, and you could receive the pay and benefits you deserve and let us not forget your family will thank you!!!.